Student Council

The Wellington High School Student Council is the main administrative student body of the school. The Council is made up of different students from diverse backgrounds with varying interests and commitments. Our goal is to create opportunities for student-led initiatives and events within the school by providing a forum for students to present and communicate their ideas with other students and student leaders.

Student Council Memebers

Chairs: Arunan Noble, Stella Meikle
Senior Leaders: Alice Markwell, Vita Jerram, Hannah du Toit
WERO Leaders: Hayley Bulmer, Frances Upton, Isabelle Kettles, Quinn Courche
Sports Captains: Lee Stanton-Barnett, Violet Cowan

Club Representatives

Iris Broadley – Ultra-Violet
Julia Randerson – Debating
William Jardine-langston – Conspiracy
Ursula Palmer-Steeds- Roots and Shoots
Luke Wakeling – Philosophy Club
Anika Green/Violet Cowan – Feminist Club
Fiver Dearnley – Mutual Aid

Year Level Representatives

Maatai Hume-Cook – Year 13
Jack Graham – Year 12
Daniel Minto – Year 12
Bella Das – Year 11
Nikau Edmond-Smail – Year 11
Myles Weaver – Year 10
Lucy Kane – Year 10
Charlie Chen – Year 10
Libby Bulmer – Year 9
Frankie Savage – Year 9
Maia Hills – Year 9

International Student Reps

Kausmi Murakami
Katja Malso

WHS Student Council Constitution